Maintenance of Single Components

Maintenance of Single Components

To ensure the fully performance of your engine, we set a high value on the careful handling of your parts.

Cylinder head

  • Crack detection with special equipment 
  • Surfache grinding, renew valve guides, seat rings and valves
  • Inspection and rework of rocker arms and shafts, bearing bushings
  • Valve spring and cam follower
  • Vacuum testing with special equipment

Motor block

  • Precision drilling and honing
  • Suface grinding
  • Drilling and honing of bearing channels


  • Electromagnetical crack detection
  • Verifying hardness and check for runout
  • Precision grinding and polishing according to manufacturing specifications Präzisionsschleifen regarding radiuses, tolerances, reparation levels and surface finish 
  • Fine balancing

Connecting rod

  • Blind bore honing
  • Exchange connecting rod bushing
  • Weight check
  • Alignment
  • Con rod heater device to shrink connecting rods fitting them into piston pin eyes

Cylinder liner

  • Precision drilling and honing
  • Suface grinding
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